December 15th is the Last Day to Order For Christmas Delivery

2. Holiday Soy Candles and Melts


Soy candles are natural, clean and long burning. We hand pour our candles in a reusable 11 oz straight sided glass with natural kraft cover.  Each candle has natural fiber wicks for superior burning and scent throw. Jars are double wicked.
-In Harmony with Nature-
Does not contain Petroleum 
Does not contain Metal Wicks 
Soy Wax is a Biodegradable and Renewable Resource 
Does not contain Toxins or Carcinogens 
-Makes Sense- 
Supports the American Farmer 
Soy Candle Wax cleans up with Water 
Safe to burn around Small Pets, including Birds 
Soy Candles burn Clean with Little or No Soot 
-Costs Cents- 
Soy Candles burn 30% to 40% longer than paraffin 
Each ounce of Soy will burn approximately 7 Hours 
-Great Scents- 
We use only the highest quality, skin safe fragrances 
We use the maximum scent the wax will hold