2. Holiday Soy Candles and Melts


Soy candles are natural, clean and long burning. We hand pour our candles.  Each candle has natural fiber wicks for superior burning and scent throw. 
-In Harmony with Nature-
Does not contain Petroleum 
Does not contain Metal Wicks 
Soy Wax is a Biodegradable and Renewable Resource 
Does not contain Toxins or Carcinogens 
-Makes Sense- 
Supports the American Farmer 
Soy Candle Wax cleans up with Water 
Safe to burn around Small Pets, including Birds 
Soy Candles burn Clean with Little or No Soot 
-Costs Cents- 
Soy Candles burn 30% to 40% longer than paraffin 
Each ounce of Soy will burn approximately 7 Hours 
-Great Scents- 
We use only the highest quality, skin safe fragrances 
We use the maximum scent the wax will hold