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CBD Oils

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After much research, we have teamed up with Diamond CBD to bring you the highest quality and most effective CBD available. 

About Diamond CBD- Our main focus is to research and develop innovative CBD hemp extracts and to make them accessible worldwide. Our team, made up of doctors and scientists, is dedicated to producing the finest and purest CBD products while never compromising on quality.Through our efforts in research and development, our primary goal is to create diverse, high-quality hemp extracts with a broad profile of cannabinoids and other natural molecules found in hemp, while identifying their distinct properties.

All our products are carefully monitored throughout the production process, and include 100% natural, lab tested, CBD extracts.

Non-GMO organically-grown plants are manually selected with careful precision, then gently havested and dried under the most optimal conditions. We work with farms from Kentucky, Colorado, and Scandinavia.

Use Supercritical CO2 Extraction- Supercritical Extraction is the most gentle approach to extract high quality CBD, which retain the naturally occurring beneficial molecules in the hemp plant.

The 100 mg strength is a good starting point if you are new to CBD. You will set your dosage, with the typical dose for most people at 10 mg per day. The 250 mg is the one I personally use. It has been very helpful with my foot pain. My daughter uses the 550 mg for her back pain.

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