Heart Song Naturals provides the finest in natural handmade products for you and your family. Each fragrance is a melody and each formula is in harmony with nature. 

After years of research, we believe we have formulated the perfect bar of soap. We use natural botanical oils along with shea butter to produce a gentle soap with tons of luxurious lather.
We use only pure ingredients from nature herself, unless the use a man made ingredient makes a clearly better or safer product. 
Our candles are made with 100% soy wax and natural fiber wicks. Long and clean burning with amazing fragrances. 
We incorporate only the highest quality essential oils and fragrances in our soaps, candles and body products. We don't use paraben preservatives and all our fragrances are phthalate free. 
Science and nature in harmony - along with a symphony of fragrances.


Maybe there wasn’t a better thing for Heart Song Naturals than The Great Recession. Soap making was not a new endeavor, in fact it is a family tradition, with my 89 year old aunt in Ohio being one of my greatest inspirations.My daughter suggested that I go to a Saturday farmer’s market to sell my soap rather than continue to give it away to friends and family, and so began my entrepreneurship. Shortly after, the office I worked in closed due to the recession and I was faced with finding another job or putting everything into my fledgling business. I think I made the right choice. 

I enjoy the creative freedom and daily challenges of keeping up with production. Most of all I love the interaction with my customers, whether they be at the shop, at a show or shop owners who carry my line. It's a real treat to be in a shop that carries my products when one of their customers comes in and says, "Oh, you're the soap lady!"

True handmade soap is not something that is made in a day! From the initial oil measuring stages through a lengthy stint on the curing rack, it will take four to six weeks to make a finished product. 
Once the curing process is finished, it is ready to box, label and go out of the shop. 

I found the inspiration for my brand in the musically rich background of my family, drawing parallels between the fundamentals of both music and our keen sense of smell. It was natural for me to see the connection between scents and music. Scents and chords are both based on a balance of notes – top, middle and bass/base. My brother designed my trademark, a bass clef over an angled treble clef joining its mirror image to form a beautifully ornate heart shape- my Heart Song. The scent names are inspired by golden oldies and other standards of classic rock - Brown-Eyed Girl, Green-Eyed Lady, Lavender Fields Forever, and Magic Carpet Ride, etc. 

In addition to soaps, Heart Song Naturals also features soy wax candles which burn longer and cleaner with no petrochemicals. We have a full line of the highest quality essential oils and aromatherapy accessories.
Using ingredients from mother nature herself, a selection of scrubs, lotions, bath bombs, home cleaning products and herbal teas round out the offerings you will find at Heart Song Naturals. - Paula Davis, Owner Heart Song Naturals

What others Say:

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From Customers-
  • Heart Song Naturals is the only soap we will use! I've completely replaced my shaving cream with their shaving soap too and never gotten a closer shave!- Eric R

  • My soap order arrived yesterday- that was quick! Lovin' the scents! Always smell so good. Browne Eyed Girl (I think that was the name) is amazing & one of my favorites!- Jill J

  • Amazing products. Amazing smells. Bar soaps and soy wax melts are my favorite!!- Brandy R

  • Best most gentle soaps I've ever used....I just can't use any other. My favorite fragrances are always tucked into my travel cases and in my car and keep me feeling I am in the lap of luxury when I'm out in the wilderness camping and kayaking for several days at a time.
  • As for stains in clothing: chocolate, tomato, and all the stains kids get from school lunches come right out with ease after a quick pre-treatment at the end of the day. Dampen, rub some soap, toss in basket for laundry day. My girl's clothes always look new now and she loves white- don't you know.! No problems with getting set stains anymore- Julie A

  • The best soaps! Love the candles as well! The fragrances transport me to another place.- Sandy B

  • Absolutely love the Cold As Ice peppermint soap!!  They are all wonderful!!- Jennifer W

  • I absolutely love "Browneyed Girl" soap. I just bought this past weekend when you were at the American Legion in Fern Park. The soap makes my whole house smell good.- Dawn S